Page 1 - Home page, featuring images of Strawberry Crest High School (Dover, FL)
Page 2 - Images of Strawberry Crest High School
Page 3 - Images of Library West at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL
Page 4 - Images of Hunt Middle School, Tacoma WA
Page 5 - Images of Redmond High School, Redmond WA
Page 6 - Images of Food Lifeline design vision, Seattle WA
Page 7 - Images of Bellevue School District Transportation Facility, Bellevue WA
Page 8 - Images of addition and alterations to Primary School 163 in Queens, New York.

Page - Revit - Explains past revit experience and capabilities
Page - Resume - Web-searchable version of my resume in HTML
Resume - Link to a printable PDF, updated September 2013

Page - Projects - Links to Google map showing where I have worked on past projects. Each project has a placemark indicating some basic information about my relationship to the project

Booklet Pages - These pages are variations on layouts in a booklet that chronicles my past work from before mid 2008:
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Project Pages:

Strawberry Crest High School - Page with several links to project images
Library West - Page with several links to project images

Letters of recommendation:

Letter of recommendation - Long & Associates. Written in 2008 by Lex Long, Vice President/ Principal Architect.
Letter of recommendation - Univ. of Oregon. Written in 2004 by Prof. Rob Thallon.

Other links:

Purcell Architects
Sierra Martin Architects
- Best viewed in Internet Explorer as of July 2013
McGranahan Architects
Stock & Associates Architecture / Interiors
Long & Associates Architects/Engineers, Inc.
University of Oregon Department of Architecture

High School UUU (Strawberry Crest) construction photos
USGBC Library West LEED score card

Strawberry Crest Animation of primary student entry as posted on the School Board's website
(current as of August 13, 2013)

2500 student High school completed August 2009

• Design Team consisted of 2 principals, Andy, and 2 other interns
• SketchUp Modeling & Animation by Andy
Site Plan by design team, rendering by Andy

University of Florida Library West model photos (8.4MB .pdf)
After design phase, our firm was Commissioned by the client to construct highly detailed model for fund raising purposes.

• Building Model with removable roof by Andy
• Site modeling by Andy & 1 other intern

Rome Sketch Book (18.3MB .pdf)
Collection of sketches and notes collected during summer 2003 for University of Oregon Summer Rome Studio.

• Pen, pencil, and water color on paper; original size 6"x10"